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Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Valkyrie In Brazil

Always elegant couple, and his leading lady Tom Cruise Brazilian Katie Holme attended the first of Valkyrie on Tuesday night (February 3). The Top Gun Hunk and his cutie Dawsons Creek were all smiles, waving to their supporters as the South Americans meandered along the red carpet..
5.2.09 08:42

Chris Brown

Kanye West and Estelle also perform together, while candidates Adele, Chris Brown and Sugarland are also scheduled to sing on stage, the Recording Academy said Tuesday.. As if the Grammy Awards didn t celebrities who have already lined up enough, that I went ahead and added another constellation worth of stars. A special Taylor Swift and the latest news Miley Cyru announcement of performers for the 8 Feb Grammys.
5.2.09 08:41

Robbie Williams Quot Girlfriend Not Keen To Move To Uk

It starting to get recognition and there is a real buzz about her. Ayda star is rising in America. L ex Take That singer recently left Los Angeles to return to the United Kingdom in his attempt to give his career a fresh start, but the move did not go well with his actress girlfriend Ayda, who wants to continue his career, Sun, said. Robbie William Singer, who has moved his base in the United Kingdom to pursue his hobby, to detect UFOs, is reportedly in disagreement with his girlfriend Ayda Field as she doesn t want to leave Los Angeles. She tried to break from Hollywood in 2000, so it is not t going to dump all that hard work for Robbie, said a source.
5.2.09 08:41

Leonardo Dicaprio Makes Moves With Rashida Jones

Last night before and after the evening for him Just Not That Into You brought out the party animal in many of his famous faces. A few meters away, DiCaprio Blood Diamond costar Jennifer Connelly has its share of damage, hung near Leo, but working with their group throughout the night. Leonardo DiCaprio, which turned out to support the involvement of pal Kevin Connolly, took part in West Hollywood celeb find Villa, in which a spy Celebuzz saw him cut loose on the dance floor with Office actress Rashida Jones. .
5.2.09 08:41

Even Michael Jackson Showed Up

Paul while my son and his wife, Elizabeth, went to Africa to still be married twice! They also celebrated the first anniversary of their marriage, the Canadian one, to Sky Hotel in Kigali, Rwanda. The owners of hotels are Gerard and Josee Mutuyubutatu. Jos e is Elizabeths cousin (do not try to say that last name three times fast)..
5.2.09 08:41


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